SBK 09 Superbike World Championship 1.0

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  • Windows XP
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Processor: 2,4 GHz
Memory: 1,0 GB 2,0 GB
Video: Radeon X1600, GeForce 6800GT
Free space: 7 GB
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SBK 09 Superbike World Championship 1.0 11/05/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Experience the speed of superbikes

Jon Riggall


Download link takes you to an external site where you can download the demo.

  • Realistic tracks and bikes
  • Huge range of riding options
  • Accessible for beginners
  • Atmosphere is dull

"SBK 09"

i just did the demo... i see the game isnt out for another week or so...

i was a huge fan of sbk 01.... nice game . too bad someone doesnt use that for a platform to a new EA game.. come on guys... not all of us are FPS's.. SBK 01 was a great game so lets see some competition..

this game seems to run very good with my system

.Intel Core 2 Duo e8400 3GHz 6mg

Asus P5Q motherboard LGA 775 P45

OCZ 4GB PC2-8500 Reaper HPC kit

HIS Radeon HD4850 512MB DDR3

Seagate 160MG 7200 10 8MG SATA ll X2

OCZ StealthXstream 600W Power supply

Antec 900 Gamer Case

Samsung DVD/cd-rw

but then,, why wouldnt it... unless it was the game..

the sounds could be better..

i could actually feel the different characteristics of each bike.. which you could in the EA version..

lots of bike options.. i dont know if in the complete game there will be bike 'setups ' that will be available.. i would hope so.

id buy the game just on what ive seen in the demo but then im i sport bike nut anyway having owned a 1994 Triumph Daytona 1200 in pimento red. ya... owned!@!... id give the game 4/5

  • good all over
  • runs smooth
  • colors and graphics are good
  • bikes are nice to watch
  • sounds could be better..
  • bike setups? y/n?

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23 May 2009

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